Staking FAQ

Frequently asked questions about staking through Polkawallet.

How to Stake

How do I stake my tokens?

Follow this guide on how to stake your tokens.

How to Unstake

How do I unstake my tokens?

Follow this guide on how to unstake your tokens.

Why are my tokens still locked?

When you unstake DOT or KSM, the tokens remain locked for a "cool down" period. This period lasts 28 days for DOT and 7 days for KSM. Once the period is over, you can claim your tokens to make them transferrable again.

You learn how to redeem your tokens after the "cool down" period ends by following our unstaking guide.

Staking Rewards

Why haven't I received any staking rewards?

Polkawallet has no control over your staking rewards. Your staking rewards are distributed by the Validator you selected. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding your staking rewards.

With that said, it's possible that you aren't meeting the minimum staking requirements established by Polkadot and Kusama. Check to see if you are staking the required Polkadot minimum or the required Kusama minimum.

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