How to Provide Liquidity


1) Starting on the homepage, let's navigate to the Metahub and then to the DeFi tab.

2) Clicking on the Earn option, you’ll be greeted with all the liquidity pools on offer natively within the protocol.

3) Let’s choose ACA-aUSD and pressing on it will open another page which will showcase the APR, how many LP tokens you’ve staked, as well as your share of the pool.

4) Pressing on Stake, we’ll now be able to stake both LP tokens, or the individual tokens in the pool individually.

5) We’ll now have to acquire the tokens in this pool, namely, aUSD and ACA. Let’s navigate back to the swap tool.

6) The pools are 50/50 so ensure you have enough of each token of the pool (keeping some for transactions).

7) Returning back to the Stake ACA-aUSD LP page we can now select the amount of ACA and aUSD tokens we’d like to contribute to the pool. We’ll choose 5 ACA, and the interface will automatically select the necessary amount of aUSD to balance them in the pool.

8) Pressing “stake” you’ll then be greeted with a confirmation page. Once you press submit you’ll be prompted to enter your wallet password to continue.

9) Once successful, you’ll now be able to check your LP position by navigating back to the ACA-aUSD LP page from earlier.

10) Once you start accumulating rewards, you’ll be able to claim them on this very same page with the Claim Reward option.

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