Receiving and Sending Tokens

User guide to sending and receiving tokens.


Receiving Tokens

1) From the homepage, navigate to the settings tab as shown below. Be sure you're connected to the network with the tokens you'd like to receive.

2) Click on the My Account section which will bring up a secondary menu page.

3) Click on the icon to the right of the address will bring up a QR code and the entire wallet address.

4) Upon pressing copy, your wallet address will be copied to your clipboard and will allow tokens to be sent to it when pasted into the appropriate fields. The sender can also scan the QR code to get the wallet address.

5) Once the sender has sent the tokens, navigate back to your portfolio and click on the token you were receiving. You should see the received amount reflected in your balance. Additionally, you can also see the receiving transaction in your transaction history.

Sending Tokens

1) Starting on the main page, tap on any of the tokens you'd like to send.

2) In the secondary menu, you'll be given a number of options - press on the Send button.

3) You'll then be greeted with a Transfer menu that will have your own wallet at the top, with the To Address being the address you'd like to send the tokens to. Here you can also choose how many tokens you'd like to send so go ahead and choose how many you wish.

4) After selecting the address and token amount, press Make Transfer and you'll end up on the confirmation page. Double check the details and submit, where you'll be prompted to input your password.

5) Once you've pressed OK" and you receive a success message - the tokens should have been transferred and will now be in the wallet you specified.

Note: If you'd like to send the full balance in your account, turn keep-alive off, otherwise leave it on. You can learn more about keep-alive here.

6) Returning back to our portfolio, clicking on the token we've transferred, we'll be able to see our transaction history as well as our current balance.

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