How to Remove Liquidity


1) Starting on the LP page, press on Unstake

2) Select how many LP tokens you'd like to remove from the Liquidity Pool and press Unstake

3) You'll be greeted with a confirmation page, go ahead and press Submit and then input your password to proceed.

4) Once successful, your LP tokens will no longer be staked in the liquidity pool.

5) Navigating back to the DeFi menu, go ahead to the Swap menu.

6) Go ahead and click on the Liquidity tab at the top to open the liquidity menu.

7) Let's go ahead and under the LP in question, press Remove Liquidity

8) Here we're able to choose how many of our tokens to convert back into the individual assets so let's go ahead and choose 100% and tap on Remove Liquidity

9) In the confirmation page, you'll be prompted for your password so go ahead and enter it to proceed.

10) Your tokens will now be returned to your portfolio, available for use/transfer.

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