How to Mint aUSD


1) From the portfolio page, let’s navigate to the Metahub menu and under the Defi tab, click on the “Mint aUSD” button.

2) In the Mint aUSD menu, you’ll have buttons at the top that correspond to token icons, with them currently being (left to right), Acala, DOT, lcDOT and LDOT. These will allow you to create vaults with the tokens you select.

3) Let’s choose DOT for our vault. Tap on the DOT icon and then “Create Vault” which will open a brand new menu which will allow you to pledge DOT and see how much aUSD you can mint as a result of your collateral amount.

4) Let’s choose 12 DOT as collateral and mint the minimum amount of 50 aUSD. In the fields below, you’ll be able to see the current price of my collateral, in this case DOT, is $9.5741, as well as the required collateral ratio (200%) and the ratio I’m currently opting for (229.778%). Below that is the price that DOT has to reach for my vault to be liquidated ($6.6667) as well as the stability fee of 3%.

5) Clicking submit, we’ll be greeted with a confirmation page that shows the amount of tokens we’re putting for collateral as well as how much aUSD we’re minting, so let’s go ahead and click submit.

6) Once successful, you’ll be redirected to the vault page of the token you decided to use as collateral which has additional information such as the current price of your collateral token, the liquidation price among other details.

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