How to Unstake Liquid Tokens


1) If collateral staking LDOT, navigate to the appropriate tab in the Earn menu.

2) By simply clicking on Withdraw you’ll be able to remove your LDOT from this collateral staking pool. You can then choose how much you’d like to withdraw.

3) Once you submit the withdrawal request, you’ll receive a confirmation menu which will prompt you for your wallet password to proceed.

4) Once you confirm the request, you’ll then be able to see your LDOT in your portfolio as a normal asset.

5) Now, returning to the Liquid DOT menu in the Defi tab - press on Redeem DOT.

6) You’ll now have 2 options, Fast Redeem, Swap and Unbond. Fast Redeem will allow you to unstake your DOT instantly and pay a 1% fee for the convenience. Swap will allow you to trade your LDOT on the open market and whatever the determined price is. Finally, unbond will allow you unstake your DOT the traditional way, with a very minimal fee for the maximum amount of returned DOT, however you’ll need to wait the 28 day unbonding period.

7) Selecting Fast Redeem, you’ll end up on a confirmation screen - pressing submit, you’ll be asked to once again put your password in for security to continue.

8) Checking your portfolio or Liquid DOT menu, you will now have the DOT you’ve unstaked/redeemed your LDOT for.

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