Parachain Bridging Guide

Sending from Statemine to Parachain

1) Before you can send your RMRK, you must first have KSM tokens on the Statemine chain. To do this, open your Polkawallet mobile app and click on the wallet icon in the upper left corner. Select the Kusama network and an account that has some KSM tokens.

2) Select KSM.

3) Click Send.

4) Select your account that has the RMRK tokens as the To Address and Statemine as the To Chain. Enter at least 0.001 KSM as the amount of KSM you'd like to transfer to Statemine. You'll be using this KSM to pay for transaction fees when you send your RMRK. Click Make Transfer. Note that it may take several minutes for your balance to update on Statemine.

5) Go back to the wallet icon and select the Statemine network and the account that has your RMRK tokens.

6) Select your RMRK tokens and click Transfer.

7) Select Karura as the To Chain. Enter the amount of RMRK you'd like to transfer to Karura. Click Make Transfer.

Note that it may take several minutes for the transaction to process. Also, if you click Max your transaction may fail since you need to hold a very very small amount of RMRK back to pay for transaction fees.

8) Return to the Karura page and see that your RMRK tokens are now on Karura.

Bridging DOT/KSM

1) Starting on the homepage, press on the Metahub compass button to gain access to all the Acala-native DeFi applications.

2) Enter into the DOT staking menu.

3) You'll then be greeted with the following menu with the ability to see how much DOT you have in your Acala wallet for example, as well as your Polkadot Wallet. When pressing on either of them you'll have 2 additional options, crosschain transfer (which we're interested in for bridging) and convert to LDOT (which we'll explore later).

Clicking on “crosschain transfer” on the Polkadot button, you’ll be redirected to a subsequent menu that will allow you to choose how much DOT you’d like to bridge to Acala. Be sure to leave at least 1 DOT in your Polkadot wallet to keep it alive and have enough for future transactions.

5) After pressing submit, you’ll now have a confirmation page to double check the amount of DOT to bridge, as well as the wallet addresses, after which you’ll be requested to input your wallet password to move forward.

6) Once the transaction has been completed, navigate back to your portfolio and you should see the DOT in your Acala wallet.

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